Is Cord Blood Banking Worthwhile?

Is Cord Blood Banking Worthwhile?

Many expectant parents will spend time researching cord blood banking at some point in the pregnancy. Some will discover the extensive list of benefits associated with this process and will wholeheartedly jump on board. They want to give their child, as well as potentially others in their family, all of the health benefits associated with stem cells and cord blood banking. Others, however, will take a closer look at the cost of banking stem cells and cord tissue, and they may be debating about whether this process is actually worthwhile. 

Before you can determine for yourself whether cord blood banking from is worthwhile for your family, you must first review the benefits. The stems cells that are collected and stored in this process can be used to treat everything from a spinal cord injury and some heart issues to immune system conditions, anemia, some types of cancer and more. More than that, the research related to stem cells continues, and this means that there will likely be new advances and uses in this area that are not currently known. 

When stem cells are not available and are needed, one of your family members may be very sick and may urgently need treatment. There may be a possibility that a stem cell match can be located on a registry, but this is not a guarantee. In some cases, those who have not pursued cord blood banking have not had access to the treatment needed. This is not something that you may want to experience with your own family. In other cases, other treatment options that were less successful, more costly or more extensive may have been available. There are costs associated with this as well that you should consider. 

The bottom line is that it can be impossible for you to accurately predict if your family will need access to stem cells at any given time in the future. There is always a chance that you will pay for cord blood banking now and may never need to use your stem cells to treat a child or another family member. However, many families do struggle with health conditions in a loved one at some point, and stem cells are being used to treat a growing list of conditions. In addition, you may find that it is better to have the treatment available rather than to not have access to it in a time of need.

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