Dressy and Casual Styles of Hush Puppies Shoes for Women

Dressy and Casual Styles of Hush Puppies Shoes for Women

Women’s shoes come in a lot of different brands and styles. Among the different brands, Hush Puppies shoes stand out as being the most comfortable. They also have women’s shoes available in a variety of designs including both dressy and casual.

Dressy Shoes for Women

Shoes classified as dressy generally have a more decorative appearance than casual styles. Many of these shoes also have higher heels than their casual counterparts. The Hush Puppies shoes for women in dressy styles have heels ranging from a demure one and a quarter inch to the more elegant two and three quarter inch size.

Some basic styles of Hush Puppies shoes in the dress category include the classic pump, the wedge and the sling-back. The pump has a closed heel and toe with both plain and decorative leather uppers. The sling back has a closed toe with an open back and adjustable strap. This style is made more elegant with the addition of a decorative fabric topknot across the toe. A dressy wedge style is available as a pump or Mary Jane with a wedge heel.

Casual Shoes for Women

The Hush Puppies shoes categorized as casual will include less dressy forms of the Mary Jane, flats and sandals. The classic design of the Mary Jane places a strap across the top front section of the foot. The casual design is a sporty style featuring a wide elastic band as the top strap, fully contoured uppers and soles with cushioned insoles.

Flats have thin heels with closed toe uppers, which could have open mesh designs. Some flats are more flexible than others, which classifies them as ballet shoes. Hush Puppies shoes designed as sandals are available in wedge, high heel and flat styles. There are also sporty and slip-on styles available in assorted colors.

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